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From A Curious Mind

The Covid-19 pandemic has spark some interests in the little minds of two kids. It was an unusual sight for them to have their dad at home everyday, available for them to bug or appeal for some play time. Meanwhile, their mom, a stay-at-home mompreneur, has become busier and more worried than ever.

These changes in their lives prompted them to ask a lot of questions, and one that inspired this endeavor. Why are you always on your computer? Well, perhaps now is a good time to show them. And so the project began. 

This site will be their gateway to how the world can continue to grow despite the pandemic, and why mom and dad needed to be on their computers.

These are no frills, heavy duty disinfecting foot mats perfect for the home. We got the small tray since our household is just small and we don't plan to go out that much during the lockdown.
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Chris C.
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The Kids Approve

The products we offer in this site will be approved by the kids and their parents, of course. 🙂

We Look Into Different Factors When Curating Products!

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  • Good Quality
  • Kid Friendly Design
  • Promotes Good Cause
  • Relevant To Current Situation
  • Best Price In The Market
  • Convenient For Consumers